CCA Students in Community Garden


Students come to CCA by word of mouth, often through peers and community agencies. Initially, students complete a form to enter the school lottery and are provided a list of documents needed to complete the school application.

Once students have met all criteria, final acceptance is on a “first-come, first-served” basis or by lottery if there are more applicants than slots. Applicants must have completed 8th grade. Graduation is contingent on students’ meeting established requirements and credits achieved.

The first step toward admission is to determine the student’s reading levels. A pre-test is given to determine reading levels. Students who are 1 or 2 credits below grade level must attend the CCA evening program.

In order to take the pre-test, students must bring a transcript and a status report from their last school. For more information about testing and testing dates, please contact Ms. Eboni Sampson or Ms. Charlene Benson at 773-762-2272.

The second step is to complete required CCA forms, transcript releases, copies of IEPs, etc.

The third step is an interview with the student and his/her parent/guardian or caretaker and will occur after the lottery. At this time the student writes an essay on their expectations of and interest in attending CCA, their future plans, their personal qualities, and their strengths and weaknesses. During or prior to the interview, applicants must submit the forms issues in the second step. If the student meets all criteria, they are placed on the list of eligible applicants. A lottery is conducted if more are eligible than slots are available.

Successful applicants then go through the fourth step: present birth certificate, social security card, proof of address and income, a school physical and immunization records.

The fifth and final step is to attend an orientation along with their parents. This session includes an introduction to the school, a review of the student handbook, and participation in Conflict Negotiation and Anger Management workshops. Students are also presented with class schedules, lockers and school ID cards.