Student Activities

CCA Basketball Team

Student Activities

CCA provides a variety of student activities that allow students to develop holistically. CCA staff and community organizations partner to provide activities that allow for social, emotional, and physical growth. Activities at CCA include the following:

Boys Basketball: The basketball team competes in the Alternative Schools Network League.

Cheerleaders: The Cheerleaders provide support and encouragement to the basketball team.

College Visits: CCA students make overnight and day trips to colleges. College representatives also conduct class presentations on their institution.

Fulfill the Dream/Lawndale Christian Church (Hip-Hop and Poetry) is designed to develop leadership, relationship, and citizenship skills with a hip-hop emphasis. It encourages youth to use their skills to set goals and increase academic achievement and social responsibility.

Knights of the King Fraternity: Knights of the King Fraternity is a junior fraternity that focuses on community service.

Lady Diva Sorority: Lady Diva Sorority is a junior sorority that teaches sisterhood, provides community service and is dedicated to higher education of all its members.

Mojo Performance Solutions (Drama) is a dramatic arts-based program. It teaches the students leadership, communication, coping, teambuilding, and presentation skills and encourages them to be themselves.

Prom: CCA holds its prom each spring. A Prom King and Queen are selected by the student body.

Student Council: The student council serves as the student voice of the school. Elections are held each fall.

Video: In partnership with Community Television Network, CTVN students learn all the techniques in making a film from developing the storyline and script to filming and editing. Students learn each role and serve as the directors, producers, editors, equipment managers, camera person, sound designer, music editors, crew members and narrators or actors. CCA won the “Best Short Documentary” award at the 2011 Chicago Community Youth Festival, first place at the youth Boston film festival in 2008 and in the Reel Teen Film Festival in 2009, the 2010 San Francisco International Film Festival, and the 4th Annual Screen Test Student Fest at the Prairie Center for the Arts (Schaumburg, Il.).

Winter Ball (Homecoming): CCA holds its Winter Ball each year in December. A Homecoming King and Queen are selected by the student body.