Special Needs

Special Needs

Pregnant and Parenting Teens Program Presentation

CCA understands that students can have barriers to education including pregnant and parenting teens, special education needs, students who are wards of state, and students in transitional living situations. To support these students, CCA offers an array of programs that enhance their educational experience.

The Teen Parenting Program provides services to pregnant and parenting teens (male and female) that enable them to complete their high school education while ensuring a healthy and safe start for their children. The program arms students with skills to grow and develop as parents and to use those skills to build positive family units.

The Youth Scholars, Skills, Service (YS3) Program provides support and services to students who are in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services. The program provides a year-round academic program, an after-school enrichment program, a full-time school based mentor, and a student savings and scholarship program.

CCA has two full-time Resource Teachers on staff to assist students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Students receive additional support both in class and outside of class that  is tailored to each student’s individual needs and abilities.

The Re-Enrolled Student Project (RSP) provides expanded services for re-enrolled students. Academic and wraparound services are provided to out of school teens who have re-enrolled to attain their high school diploma and continue their studies at a college level or place into a job.

Mandated services are also provided for homeless students, for English language learners, and students on probation with the juvenile justice system. Individual counseling and referrals to other agencies are offered.